Make This The Best Year Of Your Life

Are you ready for a life worth living? A life with more joy, discovery and purpose – the best year of your life?

Have the Best Year of Your Life will show you how to make it happen, help you identify and break free from what’s holding you back, teach you tools you need for a richer, more fulfilling life, and gently move you in the direction of your dreams.

Designed to be your companion for a whole year, Have the Best Year of Your Life offers you a short activity for each day of the twelve months ahead: a treasure store of exercises, ideas, challenges and fun that will ensure your life no longer looks or feels the same by the end.

Our best chance of making real and lasting change comes not from quick fixes but from taking regular small steps. Whether you’re feeling stuck, living on automatic, or are simply determined that this year won’t be the same old, same old, Have the Best Year of Your Life will guide, energise and inspire you.

And it will show you how to begin living the breadth of your life as well as its length.

“If you are willing to invest time in yourself and the growing of your life, Jane Matthews book WILL change your life. 
Step-by-step she guides you skillfully to new ideas and behaviors to create not only your best year, but your best life.”

Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D.
Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC

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    About The Author

    Jane Matthews writes and leads workshops on living more authentically, finding our purpose, creating better relationships, building self esteem and healing from the past.

    With a strong focus on helping people deal with difficult emotions, she's the author of a survival guide for carers, The Carer's Handbook, and Losing a Pet: coping with the death of your beloved animal.

    She's also the author of two titles on making better relationships and an e-book on building self esteem, I Think You're Great.

    Jane is an accredited teacher of Louise Hay's Heal Your Life programmes and has been leading workshops and working with individuals since 2006.